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Horse Riding Vacation in Austria

Horse World at the Children's Riding Hotel Kesselgrub in the Salzburg region

Ferienwelt Kesselgrub offers the ideal place for a horse riding vacation with children. Here, there are riding opportunities for the whole family, regardless of skill level. Even the youngest children can pet and groom horses and practice handling them. The hotel is a long-standing member of Reitarena Austria and a recognized specialist for children's horse riding vacations in Austria. Discover an unforgettable experience with us on horseback!

The Horse World at the Children's Riding Hotel

Treat your child to an unforgettable horse riding vacation in the Salzburg region - an equestrian adventure of the finest kind.

Horse Riding Package

Our attractive horse riding package for riding and enjoying nature

Riding Program

Experienced guides, amazing horses, unforgettable adventures

Equestrian Trail Network

200 km of adventure through breathtaking landscapes

Equestrian Facilities

Variety and fun from dressage to trail riding

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