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Classical massage approx. 25 min    € 32,00
approx. 50 min    € 55,00
From the surface to deep
With high-quality oils, a positive, lasting effect is achieved
Sports massage approx. 25 min    € 36,00
approx. 50 min    € 60,00
Additional functional massage, stretching (active/passive), deep massage of the tendon areas.
Hot.Stone.Massage. approx. 50 min    € 70,00
approx. 80 min    € 90,00
The blood flow is stimulated with warm lava stones and muscle tensions are released
Reflexology approx. 25 min    € 30,00
approx. 50 min    € 55,00
The feet inform us about the health of the different body parts and therefore create a specific treatment
Ear reflexology/head massage approx. 25 min    € 30,00
approx. 50 min    € 55,00
Also by a treatment on the ear everything can be found to stimulate the whole body Special regions on the head support the effect
Lymphatic drainage approx. 25 min    € 32,00
approx. 50 min    € 55,00
From facial treatments to oedematous legs After overwork in sports one of the treatments for recovery Soothing after traumata, swellings get reduced and the healing accelerated, good results on weak connective tissue
Segmental massage approx. 25 min    € 30,00
Grasps on every tissue layers are used to reach a vegetative harmonization in the organs
Connective tissue massage approx. 25 min    € 30,00
Special technique which proved via self-treatment and by means of science that functional disorders in all apparatuses can be positively influenced
Rain drop massage approx. 50 min    € 70,00
 Well known technique with high-quality oils for physical-mental balance
Scented oil therapy massage approx. 25 min    € 36,00
approx. 50 min    € 60,00
Surcharge scented oil                           € 4,00


Free your body from exhausted energy and fill up your inner organs with new

AnMiPoMai approx. 50 min    € 60,00
Meridian massage
Tuina approx. 50 min    € 70,00
Chinese massage
Shiatsu approx. 50 min    € 70,00
Japanese massage
Specific touchings harmonize the flow of energy



With modern heat carriers or floating in a soft.pack.bed. substances react which helped to sooth different problems with joints and muscles for hundreds of years


Hay bath 
Classical, for allergic persons
Hay bath with chamomile
Hay bath with rosemary  
Analeptic & circulation-stimulating
Made of Leopoldskron's upland moor mud
Herb pack
 Exquisitely balanced mix of herbs with mallow blossoms, calendula, peppermint and mountain hay
On the massage bed approx. 25 min    € 20,00
On the soft.pack.system. approx.25 min    € 25,00




Ideal before or after a massage

Rose petals approx. 25 min    € 25,00
Sea salt, oil and rose petals with aphrodisiacal, harmonizing and encouraging effect
Lavender approx. 25 min    € 25,00
Sea salt, oil and lavender blossoms with relaxing and calming effect
Stone oil approx. 25 min    € 25,00
Extracted laboriously at high temperature from the Tyrolean oil shale, a well-tried home remedy for the musculoskeletal system
Goat milk approx. 25 min    € 25,00
Nurturing and lipid regulating
honey bath approx. 25 min    € 25,00
Lipid regulating and relaxing
Cold bath approx. 25 min    € 25,00
A salt oil bath opens the respiratory sytem




Moxen approx. 25 min    € 28,00
Strengthens the whole body in a marvellous gentle way, helps to centre
Cupping approx. 25 min    € 28,00
Well known technique to purify and activate
Taping approx. 25 min    € 38,00
approx. 50 min    € 58,00
With Elyth-tape-kinesiology
Various effects can be reach with systematically attached tapes, the material is perfected and very well tolerated by the skin. They show an effect for 4 or 5 days Scope of application: muscles, ligaments, lymph, meridians
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