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Classical massage (partial or full body)

approx. 25 min    € 38,00
approx. 50 min    € 63,00

Partial body massage: neck, back
Full body massage: soothing massage for legs, arms, back, neck and shoulders

Sports massage approx. 25 min    € 38,00
approx. 50 min    € 63,00
Especially for after sport, activating muscles, relieving tension, revitalizing, relaxing, special products

Hot Stone Massage | special massage approx. 50 min    € 84,00
Basal stones on the energy centers of the body, heat from the stones relaxes, light massage, deep relaxation and well-being

Pampering Facial Massage | Special massage approx. 25 min    € 42,00
Beneficial for headaches and tension

Aroma oil therapy massage

approx. 25 min    € 42,00
approx. 50 min    € 69,00

Relax & unwind, various essential oils

Stone pine massage approx. 50 min    € 69,00
Anti-stress, stone pine oil, calming, relieves tension and blockages

Pregnancy massage approx. 25 min    € 42,00
Relaxation of the muscles in the lumbar region & shoulders, well-being

Foot reflex zone massage, special massage approx. 25 min    € 42,00
Foot reflexology massage, release blockages & stress



Float and relax in the soft pack lounger.

Here you can relax, wrapped up snuggly and without coming into contact with the water and without losing heat, in the perfectly tempered water bed.

Peat pack approx. 25 min    € 32,00
for joint problems and muscle tension

Hay pack approx. 25 min    € 32,00
Muscle loosening, relaxation

It is highly recommended to do a full body peeling before this treatment. This allows the skin to absorb the body pack even better.


Body Scrubs

Sea Salt Scrub approx. 25 min    € 32,00
essential oils

Herbal scrub approx. 25 min    € 32,00
Stimulates blood circulation, refreshing



A bath is like a short trip to happiness - a gift for the soul.

Our baths stimulate, are refreshing, relax and soothe, give strength and energy for your very individual well-being.

Rose petals approx. 25 min    € 32,00
Rose petals, bath, relaxation

Lavender approx. 25 min    € 32,00
Relaxing, soothing

Goat milk bath approx. 25 min    € 32,00
bath, regenerating, healing power

Stone pine bath approx. 25 min    € 32,00
antibacterial, smoothing & moisture-regulating for the skin, reassuring


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