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Hiking holidays in the Salzburger Land

Mountain pasture hiking around Altenmarkt

Escape the daily routine - enjoy nature. Conquer the most beautiful mountain peaks of Austria or hike to a mountain pasture and delight yourself with the wonderful view. Discover the wide variety of signposted hiking paths with various degrees of difficulty.

Pleasurable hiking

Breathe deeply – release your inner self. Exercise in this altitude and breathing mountain air relaxes you to the core. Experience hiking through flourishing mountain meadows, enjoying the gorgeous landscape, the still of the mountains and lakes which all refresh the soul in the Salzburger Land.

Unique hiking diversity

The “Atomic Vital Park” Altenmarkt-Zauchensee offers countless hiking paths in different altitudes in an area of 210 km2. Discover your dream hiking trip while walking through nature at its best. Family hiking on the “Koppen-Rundweg”, distance hiking on the “Salzburger Almenweg”, pilgrim’s hiking on the “Arnoweg”. Even hiking with children in pushchairs is possible on the “Orts-Rundeweg”, “Enns-Rundweg” and “Zauchbach-Weg”. You can enjoy learning new facts on the themed hiking paths like the “Country Lores Trail” which provides information about old country sayings and weather proverbs or the “Path of the Moon Trail” which enlightens you on the strong connections we and nature have with our neighbour, the moon. Conquering the peaks brings you to the highest mountain around Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, the “Steinfeldspitze” (2.344 m) or for the less fit, the lift assisted option brings you in comfort to the “Gamskogelhütte” (1.864 m) via the chairlift “Gamskogelbahn”.

Hiking in “Salzburger Land”

Enjoy the active lifestyle!

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Salzburg’s mountain summer pastures

Salzburg‘s mountain summer pastures are a holiday experience for bon vivants, lovers of nature and those just looking to relax. There are more than 1.800 mountain huts in Salzburg – more than in any other Austrian county. About 550 huts are open to hikers and delight them with their tasty specialities.

Themed hiking paths

  • Altenmarkt-Zauchensee: "Bauernregelweg” - country lores trail
  • Flachau: "Der Weg der guten Wünsche" – the path of good wishes
  • Wagrain: "Wagraini children’s adventure path"
  • St. Johann-Alpendorf: "Über 5 Almen - gegen den Strom" – crossing 5 mountain farms, against the flow, "Geschichte-, Geologie- und Naturlehrpfad" – history, geology and nature trail
  • Radstadt: "kultur:geologie:weg" – culture & geology, "Millenium Path"
  • Filzmoos: "Ameisenweg" – path of the ants, "Natur- und Wanderlehrpfad Hofalm" – hiking and nature trail from the Hofalm

Hiking routes

Zauchensee (number)
Zauchensee (length)
Salzburger Sportwelt
8 easy, 22 middle, 3 difficult 200 km 1.000 km
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“Atomic Vital Park” Altenmarkt-Zauchensee

Here, nature lover’s dreams come true twice over by discovering the magic of nature in the valleys around Altenmarkt or high up in the mountains around Zauchensee.

Rich in contrast, two mountain worlds collide in the “Atomic Vital Park”. The idyllic village of Altenmarkt embedded in a wide and open valley with surrounding forests and easy to reach hiking peaks and the mountain village of Zauchensee on a mountain altitude of 1,350 m nestled in alpine mountains.

Those two hiking worlds offer 200km over 33 mostly medium-difficult hiking routes on every altitude and full of contrast: leisurely around Altenmarkt and challenging around Zauchensee.

Austria’s Hiking Villages

As a member of Austria’s Hiking Villages, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee is proud to have been certified with the Hiking Quality Seal.

Lift-assisted hiking at Altenmarkt-Zauchensee: chairlift Gamskogel I
Operating hours: July to mid September, only in fair weather, on the hour from 9 am to 4 pm (last ascent 3 pm)
Further information: Liftgesellschaft Zauchensee, Tel.: +43(0)6452/4000

Wholesome hiking

Target group:  beginners and advanced
Wholesome hiking tour: eg Feuersang.Rundweg
Duration: 1,5 - 2 h

blue: slightly or non-ascending slope
red: average ascending slope, safe paths

Meeting point: tourist information
Days: Monday
To bring with: shoes with good grip, comfy clothing, backpack and drinks, snack,
hiking poles are available for free
Hiking & climbing programme:

hiking: (free of charge, detailed time plan on request)
Monday: wholesome hiking
Friday: “Sonnseit’n Almen-Rundweg” and themed hiking path
“Country Lores Trail” accompanied by a guide
Climbing with guide (min. 3 participants, date & price on request)
- Steinfeldspitze (2.344 m)
- Bischofsmütze (2.454 m)
- Hoher Sonnblick (3.105 m)
- Hoher Dachstein (2.995 m)

Certified hiking guide
Mountain Sports & Fun
Tel.: +43(0)6452/47 37
+43(0)664/53 31 493

Themed hiking path- Learn about country sayings and weather proverbs

Enjoy nature, the landscape and the surrounding area with all your senses. Slowing down and consciously experiencing your environment, is becoming more and more relevant these days. The themed hiking path “Country Lores Trail” was established for lovers of hiking who want to explore and get to know nature at the same time.

They are clever, subtle and humorous. Country sayings are ambiguous. Therefore the themed hiking path at Altenmarkt-Zauchensee is delightful, insightful and educational.

For everyone, who likes to hike, the 2.6 km hiking path is easy to master. The 12 stations lead from the “Jausenstation Habersatt” to the “Reitlehenalm” on an altitude from 1,125 m to 1,285 m and reveals fascinating and interesting information about weather proverbs on certain days during the year.

The country sayings are presented on handcraft masterpieces sculptured from wood and metal. The boards showing the weather proverbs, the explanations and the date are fixed between two wooden elements in which the symbol of the weather proverb or the days has been carved. The country lores trail covers the whole year. Starting on New Year’s Day (January 1st), ending on Thomas’ Night (December 21st).

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